Your Talent DNA

Discover | Develop | Deliver

Perhaps you have a passionate team that, in many ways, operates like a well-oiled machine. You work well together but would like to enhance your teamwork by leveraging your talents even further. Through nuanced knowledge in the larger group and experiential learning through small-group breakout sessions, the goal of these sessions is to bring the team to a new level of understanding of how their strengths help them think strategically, positively influence others, build and maintain strong relationships and get things done.

With a deeper understanding of each other and the unique contribution they each bring to the team, they will value their differences, better understand their teammates, and be able to assist each other – and the entire team reaches their full potential.

As the workshop name suggests, we want participants to (if they are new to CiftonStrengths®) Discover what their ‘Talents’ are, learn ways to Develop them into ‘Strengths’, and ultimately to use them to Deliver results to whatever they choose to do.

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Leading with Strengths

Getting the Best from Everyone

We’ve all grown up in a remedial world where we’ve been told to fix our weaknesses and take our strengths for granted. As author and strengths pioneer Marcus Buckingham says, “We’ve tended to focus on what’s bad and invert it to get good. But that’s just wrong. When you take bad and invert it you get – ‘not bad’. And that’s a long way from good or great.”  When we focus on what employees don’t do as well while ignoring their strengths, we risk disengagement, underperformance, and overall job satisfaction.

Maybe you brought Cift onStrengths® into the organization but not all your managers get it. This workshop will help you optimize your strengths initiative so that all your managers are looking for innate potential in their staff, speaking the same language for the benefit of the staff and the organization, and driving results.

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