Leading with CliftonStrengths®

What You Get:

  • CliftonStrengths® All 34 Assessment with Managers Report
    • The content in this report is specifically for managers — whether they manage people or processes — to help them understand how their strengths can make or break their team’s success.
  • Four hours of training (as a half-day or two 2-hour sessions, online or in-person)
    • Includes multiple breakout rooms/groups
    • Customized discussion scenarios
    • Strategies for getting the best out of everyone on the team
  • Personalized PDF workbook (hardcopy for in-person sessions)
    • Includes personalized reports and helpful information
  • Team Strengths Grid
    • PDF of the entire management team’s talents/strengths in a single view
  • A downloadable version of the upcoming book, Your Talent DNA
  • A downloadable version of StrengthsFinder 2.0


Please call for a customized quote for your group